web development

We build websites - from design to programming to databases to search engine optimization. We are a turn-key web development studio. We've built numerous websites for e-commerce, media management, membership directories, application processes, artist portfolios, and much more.

In the 90's we were building interactive virtual reality productions and delivering them on CDROM because the web wasn't powerful enough to deliver a rich media experience. Now, we can deliver those rich media experiences over the web but we didn't stop there. We've incorporated the power of databases and develop not just great websites, but tools that empower YOU to manage a great-looking website with powerful features. We also provide support for new features and business process changes.

  • basic websites and sophisticated, database-driven websites
  • precisely calibrated photography (PR headshots, products, jewelry, real estate, art collections)
  • VR photography and tours
  • custom content management systems (CMS)
  • assistance with setup/maintenance of third party web products (wordpress, etc)
  • data/process management tools
  • HTML5 Canvas programming
  • python development
  • microcontroller programming
  • 3D animation and audio/video production


some of our work...

grid of 9 different website designs

publicartist.org/anyartist.org - art application and judging platforms

screenshots from publicartist.org and anyartist.org websites

With publicartist.org, we developed a comprehensive "call for entry" platform for public art commissions. For artists, we created a media library for their images and videos documenting their work as well as a documents library for their resumes, letters of interest, biographies, artist statements, and news articles. For arts administrators, we created a call library that allows them to create highly configurable calls for public art commissions where they can choose what media and documents they want from the artists. Additionally, arts administrators can create rosters and internal private calls from those rosters. Tying it all together, we created an application platform that allows artists to apply to calls using media from their own libraries with just a few clicks. On top of that, we implemented a wide range of reporting options for arts administrators to monitor the application process as well as sophisticated judging tools for evaluating the applications and selecting awardees. This includes tools for managing applications, communicating with applicants, and customizing the judging criteria used to evaluate the applications. As a sister site to publicartist.org, we created anyartist.org to serve a much wider audience beyond the public art realm, including galleries, festivals, private commissions and more.

Solar Under The Sun - website, course registration system, project & donor databases

screenshots from solarunderthesun.org website and databases

Solar Under The Sun is a mission group that installs solar power systems in areas of energy poverty. We developed a website for them along with a series of tools to help them manage their programs. In order to go on one of their mission trips, you need to complete one or both of their training courses. We built them a registration system for these courses that allows them to track deposits and payments and a wide range of registration details from dietary needs to airport shuttles. We also built a database of all the projects they've worked on and a submission form to crowdsource details about new projects as well as requests for future projects. In addition, we built them a system to keep track of the donations they receive and to automatically generate different (customizable) thank you letters depending on the type of donation.

Charity Ball Association of San Antonio - website, photoshoot scheduling system, and more

screenshots from charity ball website and photoshoot scheduling system

The CBA raises donations from local businesses and awards them to local children's charities. Each year, they produce a magazine showcasing their donors and the charities they supported. In addition to building their website, we built a lot of tools to help them manage the process including a calendar application and database. The tools we created for them allow them to schedule their own photoshoots around our photographer's busy schedule and track a wide range of details related to each shoot such as what size each photo is to be printed in the magazine, which models are in each photo, logo files, and much more. All this data is then used internally making the production of the magazine much more efficient and precise. The website has many secure, back-end features for members and sponsors for managing internal documents, form submissions, rosters of committee members, and website content including the ability to make drafts of revisions to share internally before publishing.

Rock Art Foundation - Rock Art of the Lower Pecos CDROM

screenshots from rock art of the lower pecos cdrom

CDROMs are pretty much extinct now, but our tech roots run deep. We developed this educational interactive virtual tour of Lower Pecos rock art for the Rock Art Foundation in the early 2000s. It featured over 250 photographs and nearly a dozen interactive 360° panoramic images. The tour was structured with 3 different interfaces for exploring the rock art including a photo gallery, an interactive historical timeline, and a map-based tour. Additionally, the content was interlinked - much like the modern web.

Luminaria Artist Foundation - website, grant application and judging platform

luminaria artist foundation grant application judging platform

In addition to a great website, we designed and built their entire grant application platform. Each year, over 100 Bexar county artists use the platform to apply for grants by uploading samples of their work, a resume, and a project proposal with a budget. The website provides backend reporting on the entire process. When the applications are in, judges are entered into the system and the judging process begins with a separate group of judges scoring the applications in each category. The judging system allows easy review of each application and intuitive sliders for entering scores as well as a commenting system that allows remote judges to communicate with each other on each application. Throughout the judging process, scores and averages are updated in real time for the administrator to monitor their progress. Once the results are in, our system allows the administrator to designate the winners and send notification emails to awardees, finalists, and non-winners. We developed many other tools for communicating with members and supporters, selling event tickets, collecting donations, and showcasing the work of local artists. Additionally, we've also been able to respond to changes in the process like adding People's Choice voting and radical changes to the award categories as funding for the awards has shifted.