Starting with precisely calibrated color photography, we offer a wide range of services for artists including websites, postcards, books, giclee prints, posters, slides, photographs, business cards and much more - from documentation to collaboration. We also created and which offer both free and premium services to the arts community.

  • precisely calibrated photography (in studio or on location)
  • documentation of galleries, art installations, art collections, estates
  • application support
  • fine art prints and reproductions
  • art fabrication including CNC cutting, etching, engraving, etc., as well as custom electronics and microcontrollers
  • business cards, postcards, and marketing collateral
  • artist portfolio websites


some of our work...

custom corporate artwork

photo collages

Companies love the idea of creating artwork for their offices which has been created expressly for them. Our photographers spend time in their facilities and created works which inspire loyalty and pride in employees and management alike.

panoramic photography

house interior panoramic

Seale studios specializes in panoramic photography. We have special custom equipment to get the job done for real estate, large events and gatherings, virtual tours or scenic artwork.

large group photography

CBA past presidents 2016

We have decades of experience in this especially challenging photographic niche. Coordination and communication are the keys to a successful shoot. We can also create prints in a very short time.

lifestyle photography for publication



food and studio photography